Wuts mah name.

What a long day. Its only 7:44 and I’m contemplating going to bed early for once. I have to get up early anyways because I start my new job at 8:30 and the office is 22 miles away, most of it on a busy highway. Gahhhh, hopefully there won’t be any traffic tomorrow.

Today marked the first day of the new semester. I’m already thankful we get Monday off next week for MLK Day and I’m already counting down to Spring Break. I have three classes on Monday and Wednesday IN THE SAME ROOM. I can park my ass there for 4 hours and not move. I’m bringing a cooler next week. And I have a night class on Wednesday. And we have to do presentations and group projects for all my classes. Ughhhhhhhhhh whyyyyyyyyyyyy. So exhausted already and we haven’t done anything yet #firstworldproblems

And we had to introduce ourselves to the rest of the class in two of my classes. lol are you for real?!?! We played human bingo or whatever in my first class, and for my second class the teacher ask what our inspiration was. I said the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I don’t think she knows what I’m talking about, she may assumed I’m a cross-dresser but the class thought it was funny.

Also I saw my first hipster sighting today!!!!!!! I thought these creatures were just mythical creatures made up by Urban Outfitters and American Apparel but apparently they exist in real life. Not only was the douche glasses thick as hell and probably not prescription, but he was loud and dirty. To top it all off he was peeling an orange during class into a plastic Walmart bag. F’real? Couldn’t you have peeled that at home?! Basic bitches.

Me and my friend also went to the newly renovated gyms after our classes today and it was niccceee. I like how they can build a new gym but still can’t build a new parking garage so I have to spend 30 minutes looking for parking every single time. It was packed as usual with all the new semester kids as well as the January Joiners. JJ how I hate them.

Cross-Ramp-  1 hour
Treadmill- 1 mile

And now I’m eating a spinach wrap, and salmon sushi roll from Target, om nom nom. More complaining in my next post!!

I hate food bloggers. Nothing is more annoying than reading about them ranting about living a healthy lifestyle and how EVERYONE SHOULD EAT WHAT I EAT BECAUSE I AM A CERTIFIED NUTRITIONIST.  Spending your allowance at Whole Foods does not make you qualified giving out dietary advice tyvm. Not to mention how uppity most of them are and how proud they are of the way they eat and how they will never eat anything processed. Good luck with that buddy.

And if I see one more picture of oatmeal I swear to the food God……

I probably begin blogging more once this semester start. School starts Monday, I got the Marketing position at the job I just applied for (Who knew a fresh haircut was all you really need to succeed against your competition), and Britney Spears new single is dropping on Tuesday. 2011 has been good so far to me.

PS. This song makes me dance

Alright, let’s get all optimism out of the way.

I’m about to pull a Naomi Campbell and chuck my Blackberry at the nearest T-mobile store. Most of my calls don’t even come through my phone, they just go right to voicemails according to all the angry people that has been calling me. And I would sometimes get texts hours later evident by the angry toned of the texts throughout the day. Apparently my Dad called to invite me to come to his place for a Bar-B-Q on Saturday last week but of course I didn’t get it.  Stupid phone.

And while I’m venting might I just add how much I hate dressing up, especially at a party. How do you expect me to look all nice and formal when all I want to do is drink my vodka and coke out of a solo cup and dip it low on the dancefloor. Dipping it low on the dancefloor is a great form of exercise because you got some cardio action as well as squats like moves.

Despite the tone of this post I’m actually quite cheerful today. I hope everyone have a fun (i.e. drinking) New Years! Now excuse me while I go get ready and make myself look like a decent human being again. I also wanted to end 2010 with some sweet, sweet music

…your fortune cookies is in Spanish…..


I think my fortune cookie just told me to take a nap. I be damn if I’m gonna listen to a piece of paper written in Spanish tuck away in a golden cookie. I didn’t take a nap by the way, and the fortune cookies didn’t do anything to get rid of my cookie cravings from yesterday (see video in the last post)

I also had no motivation to run, or move at all. I literally sat at my computer for a few hours. I’m wrote a few instead of typing out how many hours I sat here because it’s quite embarrassing. Finally at 9, after 6 hours of procrastinating I went for a run. Very slow run. I ran 6 miles but wasn’t sure of my time but I felt great and refreshed so that meant I wasn’t running fast at all and I could care less. It’s good to run just to feel energized (at 9pm no less) instead of racing like a lunatic.

PS. Black Swan was epic. Like literally amazing. I read the plots and spoilers before seeing the movie and it still blew my mind.

Even though I was borned in Boston, and lived there for 8 years I no longer have any yankee blood left in it. After being in Florida for so long I can safely say I’m a Southerner after yesterday run.

I had every intention of running 10 miles, the weather did not want to cooperate with my plans. Not only was it gray, gloomy, and cold it was the winds that killed me. Getting started on my run I wasn’t mentally in a good mood because of how miserable the sky looked. The damn wind however made it impossible to warm up and at one point I thought I was gonna fly. Physically I was great but I still believe a huge part of running is all mental and I have given up mentally so I only completed 2.5 miles and came home 😦

The gym was also a disaster this morning. I wasn’t hungry when I woke up to get ready for the gym so I thought I could just work out on an empty stomach….WRONG. Between pushing myself way too hard on the elliptical and running on empty I nearly passed out withing 20 minutes on the elliptical. I have never felt this way before in my life and it shook me up a little. At first my vision became super blurry, like I wasn’t wearing any contacts. And then the room started spinning and I felt nauseous and lightheaded. Thankfully I was already in the back row so I got off the machine and sat down against the wall for a good 5 minutes. My gym also have candy in the front (I love them) and the sugar immediately helped. Somehow after nearly passing out I completed an amazing workout so the day wasn’t a total lost!:
Elliptical: 20 minutes
Sat down for a total of 10 minutes
Elliptical: 20 minutes
Stat. Bike: 13 minutes
Cross Ramp: 19 minutes

My gym is also right next door to a Chinese takeout place (so convenient) so that’s where lunch came from. My fortune cookie is interesting to say the least, I gotta take a picture and post it. I wanted to end this post with a video summarizing my current mood:

I want a cookie, or 5

Saturday: 8 mile run
Monday: 8 mile run
Tuesday: 5 mile run
Thursday: 1:39 Crossramp

Hmm I noticed how much I like to run 8 miles. For me personally, it’s not too long or too short. Since it takes me over an hour to run those 8 miles it’s definitely not a short  and easy run, but it’s not a long run either because it’s still a single digit number and I don’t need an energy gel.

Also during a Christmas party I went to last night with a well stocked bar as well as a nice buffet, I found myself at the buffet more often than the bar. In fact I think I only had one drink the whole night versus the 12 cookies I ate. Does it make me more mature opting out of Patron shots in favor of  sugar cookies with lots of icing? Either way those cookies were nom nom nomlicious…


  • 4 3.5 Margaritas, and a bunch of butter coconut cookies are not a sufficient way to carbo load
  • I don’t really need to carbo load one month before my next 1/2 marathon
  • I had every intention of waking up and going for a nice 6 miles run
  • The sky was cloudy and gray and it was also raining. I decided my bed was a better place to spend the next hour at.
  • It was
  • That extra hour in bed turned into a few.
  • I may have eaten an entire frozen pizza and would’ve felt like a man if ‘I’m not a girl, not yet a women’ wasn’t playing on my Itunes